Thursday, 31 July 2008

Knock-off Nigel: assault your local file-sharer today!

"Surely you've got something to say about those Knock-off Nigel adverts?", enquires Sammy. "Too easy?" Actually, not having seen much TV for a while, I just wasn't aware that it'd turned into a little series. For those out of the loop, after the abject failure of the "you wouldn't steal a car" style of anti-piracy ads, they're now trying to stir up a bit of peer pressure. The kind of man who downloads movies, concludes a taunting pack of colleagues, is probably the same guy who steals their money and eats their food:

Assuming that charming shot at social engineering gave you the same grim sickness in the pit of your stomach it gave me, all I'll say is that the stumbling block it might fall at is people's failure to give a flying fuck whether their workmates download films or not. If they do, hopefully it's not passionately enough to form a baying mob around his desk. Although, if you need that extra push, the website has a host of tools to whip you up into a Nigel-bashing frenzy. Including, believe it or not, a little game where you can hurl objects at one.

Burn the witch!
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  1. Speaking of the "You wouldn't steal a car", if you haven't already seen this then you should have done.

    So now you can say that you have.