Monday, 8 June 2009

Selly Park Deli fight back against the loosers

Hey. How's it going. Had a good nine months?

Never let it be said that I don't take criticism on board. To this end, here's a nice email I received this morning, presumably from Selly Park Deli, star of previous posts here and here.


I am quite disgusted that you should open a forum, and encourage people to scandalise companies who are working to make a living . Therefore allowing loosers that have nothing better to do than criticise.
Selly park deli is a family run business. During the times of recession you have encouraged people to slander small independent british run stores.


In my defence, I encouraged people to slander small independent British-run stores a few months before the recession. Consequently I'd like at least part of the credit for kicking the whole thing off. Anyway, although "slander" generally has to be untrue, and it's not like any of their customers would see my blog in a million years, I do genuinely feel slightly bad for picking on a small, honest, family-owned cafe.

Sorry, did I say honest?

In a stupendous coincidence (particularly on a morning I was only viewed by one reader), within minutes my original post got its first comment in over a year:

Selly park deli:

Went in a few weeks ago> I must say it was nothing what I was expecting, the food is proper fresh. I was quite impressed with the price actually if i were to do a comparison against Subway, I would say the deli would win definately against quality and price. (John)

I guess we'd all like to have real satisfied customers, just like real photos of our own sandwiches. But in times of recession you have to make do, right?
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