Sunday, 15 June 2008

Dave and Cobra misunderstand wit

Something rubs me up the wrong way about Dave, the "home of witty banter". Maybe it's because, like talent or passion, people who profess wit rarely have it. Or maybe it's the gaggle of guffawing 25 year old dolts who in my mind's eye are cracking open beers, sticking on Dave and getting a night of banter started. There will be high fives.

Anyway, to remind you once again just how witty your banter can be, Cobra beer is now popping up as the sponsor. Their ads, sadly not yet Youtubed, even have little demonstrative snippets of it. "So if you told a story that started at The Cock and ended at The Bull," goes one, "would anyone believe it?" Oh god! You're killing me.

Luckily, this campaign has also found its way all over the street. These ones have lovely drawings of an aspirationally self-important moron, dispensing "wit" in a jaunty pose to his appreciative friends.

Ahahahaha! Haha. Ah.

Clearly, this guy is new in Birmingham.

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  1. as unfunny as that moron is, he does have come oddly classy friends:

  2. every time i see those ads i frown. inside my head i'm screaming "you stupid fucks"

  3. but also a pang of pity for the poor sap whose brief was "500 lines of wit by tomorrow morning. and get me another fucking latte, this one's way too hot" *splash* *burn*

  4. hello, have just stumbled upon your blog am enjoying it very much. we've posted two fairly similar things on the subject of those cobra ads...