Saturday, 28 June 2008

Mariella joins the Sky+ posse

First Parkinson, now Frostrup, and if you're not familiar with your British media celebrities, the first thing you'll notice about their glamorous lifestyles is just how much they slob around in front of the TV. Take Mariella here, who couldn't even keep track of her gruelling 10 hour viewing routine without a set top box. Now, though, the poor love can sit down any time of day and catch up on every last minute of Cash in the Attic, Doctors and Flog It!. She doesn't even have to worry that Deal or No Deal clashes with Ready Steady Cook. And if that isn't the high life, I dunno what is.

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  1. Who is Mariella Frostrup exactly?
    I've been watching Coupling the last couple of days and they mention her in a few episodes.

  2. Some quick wiki research has pointed out that she is the British Martin Tanghe, who in fact is the Belgian Mariella Frostrup. Following the Hypothetical Syllogism, then, Mariella Frostrup is the Belgian Mariella Frostrup. Hope that is a satisfying answer.