Wednesday, 4 June 2008

Praise Chesus at Elim Church

Kids, if you like Che, you'll love Jesus. He's like the original revolutionary! What's that, sweetie? Does he stand for social justice and the triumph of the proletariat? Well, right now he's more about stopping lesbians getting IVF. But sure, all that shit too.

We have t-shirts?

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  1. it doesn't seem to make much sense that he's pulling a che guevara face and wearing a crown of thorns at the same time. if ernesto had been wearing a crown of thorns he wouldn't be pulling a che face, i bet. anyway, maybe they think of commercialising jezuske's crown as a symbol of christian revolution for kids to wear - like arafat's scarf or piet huysentruyt's baldness.

  2. because nothing says "down with the kids" quite like popular iconography of the late 60's/ early 70's.
    still, i look forward to the GTA referencing church posters of the 2030's.