Thursday, 5 June 2008

Self-satisfied pricks wanted for mutual masturbation

I never bought the line that atheists are smug; it just seemed a cheap shot for people who couldn't fault their arguments. But something changed today when I saw this poster for a student society.

That's right. These "highly educated and very intelligent individuals" are going to have to save the "common people" from themselves. But when, Atheist Soc? Before the next Freshers Fair? I bet their meetings are a riot.
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  1. Will there be a viewing of pr0n before and during the masturbation?

  2. "We usually meet regularly in a friendly environment" but sometimes we're really nasty and sarcastic.

  3. You've never believed they were smug? Heh, well trust me, it happens a lot. In fact I can't think of a group that doesn't get smug and say that they're more intelligent and enlightened and blah blah - liberals, conservatives, feminist, you name it, there's a smug contingent that thinks they're the sh*t.