Monday, 14 July 2008

Cargiant: like a functional relationship, but better

Click to read the full story, girls, and prepare to relate! The women I know just can't shut up about their boyfriend's need for TCS. Frankly they're just crying out to buy a car to piss him off, and I think we've found just the place. Girl power.

Incidentally, if your customer has this face when you hand over the keys, it's probably irresponsible to let them behind the wheel.

But what's this?

Blessed be! Men, too, can strike a blow for independence with a quick swing by the car showroom. Not to mention shut those sodding kids up -- "Look at this, daddy! Read me a story, daddy! You're strapping me in too tight, daddy! Why are you buying another car, daddy?" -- and rub it in the wizened old face of your mother in law. Hey, why not run over your annoying colleague's dog on the way back? And make a few dents in your unrequited high school crush's convertible? Guess who has the long face now, bitch!
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  1. Why is their mouth is open? Who thought that that would be great pictures?

    Btw, shouldn't you blog about the end of belgium?