Friday, 25 July 2008

Skyy: serving suggestion only

Subject: Re: poster campaign

Okay Tim, not gonna meddle - you've got your job and I've got mine! - but I thought I'd just give you an idea of the look we're after. The key words are sophistication, luxury and elegance. Skyy needs to be showcased as the only choice for the discerning modern urbanite, associated with an aspirational lifestyle, etc etc. Also, if possible, we'd like a lot of thigh. You know, on some sultry model with a ridiculously photoshopped waist. Have her standing in front of the vodka drinker parting her legs like the rest of his aperitif lies somewhere in her crotch. "Best served with vagina" was bandied around the office.

And if the man could be sitting in one of those awesome egg chairs from the 90s, that'd be perfect. Anyway, I'll leave the rest to you. See you at the pitch on Friday!
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