Thursday, 29 May 2008

Gordon only uses the best

What's the worst thing about Gordon Ramsay? The swearing gimmick? The fact he fakes catching fish to look macho? The public's ongoing penchant for being shouted at by pompous cocks until they can cook, clean or raise children to a dubious perfection? The bizarrely creased chin? Or maybe, here demonstrated in exhibit A, Mr Uncompromising's cheerful lack of qualms about sticking his face on any old product for a few quid?

His face is key, here. It fills half the billboard, because his unique combination of furrowed, frowning, smug little features has been shown in tests to be Britain's #1 most effective face at getting viewers to cook how he says, buy what he says, or believe that he's actually catching his own fricking fish. The look in this particular shot is "disappointed scorn". This image will flash past your eyes when you reach for an inferior spirit. Then, when you've recoiled in shame and regained your senses -- and the synergy is fantastic here -- the correct brand is called GORDON'S. Congratulations, you've finally lost your last fraying threads of personal autonomy. Enjoy the gin.
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  1. I take it you're not a big fan of Gordon? ;)

    Ive heard his own restaurant has received warnings abouts its hygeien, while he goes on tv shouting to other peaople about how bad their restaurant is.

    I think he's annoying. A Piet huysentruyt he is not! (if you don't know Piet Huysentruyt, Peter has neglected to introduce you to one of Belgium's most famous tv chefs!)

  2. "Ive heard his own restaurant has received warnings abouts its hygeien, while he goes on tv shouting to other peaople about how bad their restaurant is."

    it's not cookery thats in his blood

    it's selling out

  3. not sure whether it's a good or a bad thing not to be a Piet Huysentruyt...
    piet on a bike. ( there any way to integrate pics in me comments)

    where is mimi btw? i miss her :(

  4. obviously this ad nauseam is run by a lazy ass student who thinks he could do better than Gordon. when i saw u last u did'nt have much style youself. shirt untucked, never uses comb and bullshits his way through life! good luck son, make a life of ur own b4 critising others

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