Sunday, 1 June 2008

Trust a policeman: suspect everyone

Well, here's a public service announcement with no chance of backfiring. Terrorists! They "live within our communities". They look like you or me. But they take the bins out a day too early.

Hotline: Hi, you're through to the confidential anti-terrorist hotline, where no tip is too small!
Caller: Hey, I've seen some suspicious behaviour at number 29? I'm sure they get the double glazers round every couple of weeks.
Hotline: Double glazers? To hold secret jihadist meetings?
Caller: No, it's more because they keep blasting their windows out. And the postman left this Amazon delivery at our house for them the other day. Nailbombing for Dummies? Is that suspicious?

How shit would a terrorist really have to be for passers-by to suspect their house? No, it's gonna be your everyday weirdos, harmless loners and the Muslims next door who are gonna get raided at midnight thanks to these little gems. And we know how cautious the police are in those circumstances.
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  1. i think you're over reacting to this one jon.
    really, its not as if the police are going to use some anonymous tip to burst into your house, shoot your brother, and then claim that you did it are they?

  2. Yes, the british police isn't that incompetent right? ^^

  3. dunno, apparently there's a reason why british police don't carry guns with them usually.

    arme domme britse politiemannen :(