Monday, 2 June 2008

Learn your 123s with the NHS

Left to my own devices, I always forget the catastrophes that await me after a drink and a half. Thank God, then, that every few months a new NHS campaign pops up to remind me.

This one was rolled out with blanket media coverage of some shocking statistics: 77% of Britons don't know how many units are in a large glass of wine. That's over 3 out of 4 of us not intimately acquainting ourselves with an arbitrary, stupidly restrictive points system every time we head to the pub. No wonder they need to scrawl it over our glasses.
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  1. I don't forget the catastrophies that happen to you after a drink and a half. (rob)

  2. It's commonly known that british people can't handle alcohol.
    I think the organisers of the european cup are glad England didn't qualify, because you guys have a really bad reputation.
    /thinks back to the images of drunk british fans being hosed down with the watercanon in charleroi during the european cup 2000 in belgium ^^

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