Tuesday, 13 May 2008

Sex sells better than books


If you find yourself thinking "huh, these aren't a bad idea", watch out, I had a look in one. They're not just quick books, they're books for people who are -- how you say -- intimidated by real books? All the sentences are simplified and even the text is huge. It's like the junior novelisation. If they're a sex act, they're not a quickie, they're rutting at a hole in your mattress. Which, if you don't like books in the first place, might make a better afternoon.
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  1. My god, do they know Vincent Van Quickenborne in England, the guy is really making a carreer! It's probably because of his hacked iPhone!

    *Note: this is only funny of you have any knowledge of Belgian politics

  2. and quite a lot of knowledge of nicknamery (in a perfect world this would be a word) in belgian politics...

  3. I'm just a very demanding person and expect the best from everybody!

  4. much like the 'Fancy a quickie after work' campaign run by the CBSO year ago for their Rush Hour Concerts.

  5. I wasn't aware of that one, but yes, I'm sure it's been a tired old cliche for many a year...