Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Yazoo's cows have a laugh a minute

It doesn't happen with meat, does it? We'd be uncomfortable with cutesy animals selling us steaks or hotdogs, on the understandable basis that we'd rather not be reminded of Daisy's lovable properties right at the moment we're chewing her corpse. I've seen cartoon chickens on late-night fast food joints, but when you stagger into one of those places you've long given up on your meal being fresh, clean or readily identifiable, never mind ethical. If anything, it's reassuring they know what animal it used to be.

Turn to dairy, though, and cows are apparently a selling point. They can be dancing round fields, kicking a football, stood on a diving board, whatever you like, as long as you reinforce that being a dairy cow is basically a hell of a good time. That's a lesson Yazoo learnt the hard way with their first, hastily withdrawn ad.

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  1. ah yup...same with the milka cow. world famous in belgium! (maybe not over there)


    it's purple!

  2. like the photoshop btw =)...(well i guess it's your pic)..shaken up..i get it! (i think)

    you radical you!

  3. "peter said...

    ah yup...same with the milka cow. world famous in belgium! (maybe not over there)"

    one of the abiding memories of my youth is taking a famility trip to france and seeing a tragically out of work actor dressed up as the milka cow in the giant hypermarket at calais.
    if his level of happyness was anything to go on things do not bode well for the actual cows.

  4. "It just doesn't happen with meat, does it?"

    not any more at least jon, back in the "good old days" people like brovil* couldn't have been more happy to stress the "its made from an animal" aspect of their product, in ways ranging from the desterbing...


    to the very desterbing...


    to the, there is probably a good reason why i couldn't find a bigger version of this one...


    *peter: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bovril

  5. I may be weird, but I like the "alas my poor brother" picture. It was - er - funny. (Hangs head in shame.)

  6. Nice spot of culture jamming there, Jon.

  7. a dead cow is a good cow!
    that's what I say!*

    *for the moment being, maybe not in the immediate future