Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Grammar nightmare

- Dave, how do you spell policies?
- Policies? It's policy with an "s", innit?
- I dunno, it looks wrong...
- That's cos you forgot the apostrophe. Every "s" has an apostrophe.
- Oh, cheers Dave! Isn't there still something missing, though?
- Ah, that'll be the "i". Stick it in just before the "y". Funny word, policiy's.

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  1. maybe it's a new spelling

    shame you don't have the concept of new spelling in english, it's a panacea against existential boredom! (sadly, though, people yesterday announced dutch spelling won't be updated in 2015, as was planned...hollanders are being difficult pfft. life sucks, spelling doesn't)

  2. AUGH!

    That's almost... creatively horrible.