Thursday, 17 July 2008

Your local canal: it's a long stone thing with water in it

Yep, you read it right. Canal. Everyone's favourite artificial waterways are being ubiquitously marketed nationwide, and in case you were wondering, your local canal is also "a open air gym", "an open air library", "a shortcut to work", "a proper lunch break" and (ugh) "a chill out zone" (more can be found in a sickening video). Not yet mentioned, but surely in the running, must be "a free wash", "an open air urinal" and "your own secret cemetery". And by the looks of things, somewhere to sleaze over the two youngest pieces of ass in the office and be oblivious to their unsubtle "eww" faces.
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  1. I do a bit of running on the canals around Brum and the poster's right - it is an open air gym. The run from town to Brum Uni is like a posh gym with attractive young folk wandering around and academics on bikes - lovely. The other run I do around the Digbeth branch canal and Aston is the kind of gym where cottaging and glue sniffing remain viable forms of alternative exercise. Not to mention standing around burning pallets with super-strength lager in your hand.

  2. My local canal is actually a shortcut to work. (I planned the route on Google maps, it saves me 300 or so feet!)

    Although I've seen a few of these adverts I haven't seen the 'shortcut to work' ones. Damn...